Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Do you Know about??? Different colour codes in Graduated and Bulb Pipettes (ISO-1769)

Every one in labs use glass pipettes for measurement but have you ever noticed different colour bands on the top of of pipettes  (Blue, black, yellow, green, orange).

We are going to tell you about the different colour bands on the top of pipettes:

   Glass pipettes of different capacity looks very similar (eg. 1 & 2ml pipette) in their appearance sometimes it is very difficult (without looking carefully) to identify the desired capacity pipette among similar kind of different capacity pipettes, to resolve this issue there is colour codes is recommended  on the  top of pipettes, It help us to identify the desire capacity pipette

 if we check 1 ml bulb pipette there will be blue colour band but on 1 ml graduate pipettes there will be yellow colour band  as per guidelines (ISO-1769, IS-11468, ASTM-1273) similarly 4ml bulb pipette have two red rings.

It was recommended to put colour codes on pipettes every pipette of different capacity will have different colours code even bulb pipette and graduated pipette of similar volume have also different colour code. You can check all different colour codes use for different capacity of pippet in below image

Colour codes for Pipettes

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