Friday, September 23, 2016

Why 70% IPA and not 100% IPA for disinfectant ?

The reason is behind the mode of action of 70% IPA. Bacterial cells have proteins in their cell wall and when this protein comes in contact with the 70% IPA during disinfectant application, coagulation of proteins takes places in which denaturation of proteins occurred and after that IPA penetrate in the interior of the cell which cause lysis or death of the cell. Protein coagulation also happens in case of 100% IPA but with very fast rate and because of this very fast protein coagulation process denatured protein forms protective layer out side of the cell. When this happens, 100% can not penetrate inside the cell and not able to kill the microbe. Microorganisms become dormant in that conditions. In case of 70% IPA protein coagulation takes place with a slow rate and due to this 70% IPA get enough time to penetrate in the cell and kill the microorganism. Another factor is contact time, 70% IPA takes longer time to evaporate from any surface hence get enough contact time and in this mean time it show its efficacy but in case of 100% IPA, evaporation will be very fast, contact time will be less and it will not be so effective against microbes. That's why 70% IPA solution is used as disinfectant in pharmaceuticals industries.

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