Monday, April 11, 2016

why use toline in resolution in uv calibration?

The Spectral Bandwidth (SBW) of a spectrophotometer is the
basis of establishing its ability to resolve absorbtion
lines seperated by small differences in wavelength. If a
substance that you need to measure has an absorbtion line at
257.4nm and there is an interfering line at 260.0 nm you
need to establish whether your spectrophotometer can resolve
the two lines seperately or "mixes" the two absorbtion lines
into a single line which would give erroneous results.

Toluene in Hexane is used as a reference for the calculation
of SBW. The ratio of the absorbtion of the solution when
read at a maxima (around 268.7nm) and at a minima (around
267.0nm) relates directly to the SBW of the instrument being
assessed. Regular use of this technique will assure that the
resolution of your instrument is within the required range
for your work 

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